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Good Enery  - Solutions Inspired Ltd



Green Energy  - Solutions Inspired Ltd

Good Enery  - Solutions Inspired Ltd

We're proud to be in partnership with Good Energy, the UK's only 100% renewable electricity supplier. All of their electricity is generated using natural power from the wind, water and sun or through sustainable biogeneration. That means no carbon, no nuclear and no fossil fuels.

If you switch to Good Energy too, quote Solutions Inspired and they'll give you £25 off your first bill.

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Invest now before the Government take the option from you.

An installation of a 4.0 kw PV solar system typically 16 number 250w panels at a cost of £7,200.00

South facing roof with a 30 degree pitch/angle will generate approximately 3334 kWh/per year.

The current Government payback FIT's payments are 15.44p/kh.

This will produce a TAX FREE payment of £514.76 per year for 20 years.

The Government also pay a TAX FREE payment of 4.5p/kh based on 50 % of the energy produced based on you only using 50% of the electricity generated which will equate to £75.00 per year for 20 years.

The saving you will make from the electricity you produce equates to the other 5 % you are not paid for, multiplied by your current electricity charge say at 12p/kWh will save you £200.00 per year for 20 years.

ADD the above together and you will save £789.76 per year every year for 20 years.

This means your installation pays for itself in 9.1 years.

On top of this you will also save on future electricity increases and save even more as inflation has not been calculated in the above.

In all there never been a better time to invest in your future.