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Solutions Inspired Ltd

We are a one-stop shop, yes we do literally have a shop, which is the answer to all your questions about low carbon energy products and building services. We provide all the advice you need and all the services you need for most if not all energy efficient solutions, building productsout there in the market place.

Our ambition for the business is to become the regions largest provider of bespoke energy efficient solutions and up to date building technology.

Solutions Inspired Ltd

The Products and Services we provide offer more cheaper running cost and carbon efficient alternatives to existing solutions. In an ever changing world of tighter budgetary considerations where homeowners are struggling and established businesses are competing with internet based low over-head competitors the potential savings provided through energy efficient technology can be the difference between survival and commercial extinction. Homes, shops, flats, tenancies, retail units, small offices and industrial units of all sizes will benefit from the huge savings available through LED lighting solutions, solar panel, wind turbine and electrical generation along with our latest building technology, advice and procedures.

The features and benefits of our business which we identify as being of greatest significance is the personal bespoke approach addressing the energy requirements of the individual business and homes in a holistic and focussed way. Individual no-commitment consultancy meetings will be set up initially with a designer to assess the potential installation potential and design implications for an overall energy efficient solution. This 'energy audit' will address the full scope of potential savings available through harnessing existing energy efficient solutions and it's impact on the business both in terms of pound savings and carbon credentials will be fully set out on an audit report. Each audit report shall break down the solutions into optional increments available either as a holistic once only intervention or an incremental investment project. The designer will then follow up with a further site visit to explain and facilitate the application for Carbon Trust grants where applicable and the Capital Gains Tax advantages of uptake. The client will then be offered a booking for a job-week project (or if the job is larger) will be diarised in for work to commence in a sufficiently realistic timescale to enable all administration and other preparation work to be completed.

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