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Bespoke House Extension Design from Solutions Inspired Ltd

We will work with you to design and build your perfect extension, constructed to your specifications and custom designed to fit the shape and style of your property.

We use professional and reputable architects to draw up your extension designs, ensuring that the finished extension not only looks good but that the work is completed to meet with the required building regulations.

A modern, contemporary extension could be used as family room, dining room or even a new kitchen within your home! The possibilities are of course endless as your extension could be used as an office space, artist studio, home gym or simply as additional living room! Solutions Inspired Ltd allows you to enjoy your new extension within weeks rather than months, with minimal disruption to family life.

You will also benefit from your extension for the years to come, reassured by our full 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Our team always aim to exceed your expectations and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction both throughout the process and via our aftersales support.

Why choose a Panoramic Extension?

The demands on our living requirements are getting greater but, with moving house not an easy option, perhaps a Panoramic Extension is the solution for you.

With the addition of an extension, you can create an additional room that can really transform your home. A playroom, dining room, living room or even a bedroom.

There are four basic designs to choose from and all can be built to either complement or contrast with your home. Every Extension is custom-designed just for you. Your extension will come with a 5 year guarantee for the sealed units and 10 years for the uPVC product. And, of course, everything will be looked after for you and all work carried out to the highest standards.

Whichever style and options you choose, you can be sure of getting a building that meets and exceeds all your expectations. As far from a bolt-on extra as you can imagine - it's an addition to the house that gives you lots more space that's usable 365 days a year.

It's very much a changing world out there at the moment and the housing market is in a very strange state. Meanwhile, the demands on our living requirements are getting greater but, with moving house not an easy option, maybe this is just the time to consider a Panoramic Extension to provide that much needed extra space.

A playroom perhaps, dining room, living room or even bedroom? It's a much more economical solution than moving and certainly less disruptive both physically and socially. Rising prices with a premium on space make a Panoramic Extension a wise investment and a perfect solution to open-plan living as in most instances the physical barrier between the house and the extension can be removed.

Increasing the size of your home not only gives you more space, it can also add value to the property.

As well as converting lofts, many homeowners are choosing to build a house extension rather than moving house. House extensions are an affordable and cost effective option to upgrade your home, adding extra space for a new kitchen, office space, an additional reception room or playroom.

House extensions have become so popular that we have dedicated a team of craftsmen specifically for extension work. Our team is highly professional, but also friendly and open to questions. If you're not sure about something, just ask!

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