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Loft Conversions

If you are looking for a loft conversion we hope the following list of frequent questions and answers will be helpful. Solutions Inspired Ltd will help and manage the complete project on your behalf.

How will I know if my loft can be converted?

This is dependent on the height of the roof ridge. If you were to stand in the centre of the roof and measure from the top of the existing ceiling joists to the ridge board at the apex of the roof and you have a minimum of 2.2 metres, then the loft can be converted. We’d be happy to discuss and advise you, and visit your home to undertake a free site survey.

Will I need Planning Permission for my loft conversion?

All houses have permitted development rights from the local authority. If the property has never had an extension then a loft conversion may not need planning permission as no permitted development has been used. If the property has been extended then the extension would have to be calculated and subtracted from the permitted development allowance. If there is insufficient allowance, then planning permission will have to be applied for. All proposed loft conversions will need to meet the latest building regulations. If appointed, Solutions Inspired Ltd will be able to help and advise you in this area.

Will Plans need to be drawn up for my loft conversion?

Yes, this is needed by the local authority building regulations. All worked must be verified by structural engineers and authority inspectors before construction can commence. Solutions Inspired Ltd again can manage all planning aspects of the project on your behalf. Roof enlargements and alterations such as loft conversion are permitted providing that they do not exceed the highest part of the existing roof and do not materially alter the shape of the dwelling.

What if my planning application is rejected?

Don’t worry we are here to help. We have numerous years of experience with planning departments and as such have a very good trusted respected friendship.

Will a loft conversion add value to my home?

Yes please feel free to speak to any local agent they will advise you on exactly what value an extension of this type will add to the value of your home/property.

How long does a Loft Conversion take?

Typically loft conversions timescale will differ with each property and the complexity of the project. This is dependent on the size of the loft, type of conversion and any pre-maintenance work that will have to be carried out. The conversion will typically take place 4 to 6 weeks from date of permission is granted and the conversion itself should take approximately 6 weeks before being fully completed.

Will there be much disruption to our daily lives?

A building project such as a loft conversion will have some impact on the daily routine of the household at some stage depending on the scale and type of the project involved. The way we plan out our work schedules is to keep disruption at a minimum where possible. We will also keep you regularly informed and give good notice of major work and impact to prepare the household. We recognise that trust is important and will safeguard every client’s privacy and intrusion rights.

What are your payment arrangements?

A deposit will be required to secure the Loft Conversions sale, which will be 10% of the overall quoted price for the project. Then payments will be required on a step by step process as work is carried out and completed, so the customer can verify that they are happy with the progress being made.

How many different type of Loft Conversion are there?

There are five types of Loft Conversion, which are Hip-to-Gable, Dormer, L-Shaped and Velux.

How will I know which Loft Conversion is most suitable for me?

Please speak to one of our consultants who can guide you through the design and planning.

Will you arrange plumbing and electrical Installation?

Yes, at Solutions Inspired Ltd we offer a comprehensive service and we will provide all tradesmen to assist the installation to make any loft conversion as quick and easy as possible. We would recommend using our own team for all services because they are specialists in loft conversions and building extensions.

Do you install Velux Windows?

Yes, we do install a variety of Velux Windows which can be shown when requested.

What are Permitted Development Rights?

Permitted Development Rights come with most houses, and they enable you to build a certain additional volume without planning permission.

Permitted Development Rights enable you to extend up to 15% of the existing house in volume, or 70 cubic metres, whichever is greater. For terraced houses, this is reduced to 10% or 50m, in both cases, the maximum enlargement is 115 cubic metres, the volume is reduced to 10% or 50 cubic metres within a conservation area.

The extensions must be no higher than the existing house.

Roof enlargements and alterations such as loft conversion are permitted providing that they do not exceed the highest part of the existing roof and do not materially alter the shape of the dwelling.

Loft dormers are permitted if it adds less than 50 cubic metres to the volume of the roof space for detached and semi-detached houses (40 cubic metres in terraced houses). The dormer must not face the highway and it must not be higher than the existing roofline. If your planned loft does transgress on any of these points, it doesn't mean that it is prohibited, but you will have to apply for planning permission.

Any previous roof space addition has to be included in the calculation and building control inspectorate will always be involved. We will be happy to help you and advise on the above areas during the project.

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