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New Build Homes

The phenomenon of the New build home is increasing with around 20,000 people building their self build home every year, and numbers are rising. Approximately 12% of all houses built throughout the UK are self build houses. It is estimated self builders spend £2 billion on building plots of land for sale and building costs.

A self build house allows the house buyer to purchase their home at cost price, i.e. the cost of the building of land for sale, materials and labour. Discounting the effects of inflation, self-builds tend to save around 30 percent of the value of their finished house by building it themselves, a saving brought about by taking away the profit developers make on most new houses, along with the VAT savings made on materials.

Some self builders will get involved to feel part of their project or to save labour costs, and a few carry out all of the building work themselves. The majority of self builders, however, make the financial arrangements, act as project manager watching their project bloom, and ensuring the self build goes smoothly and efficiently.

Timber frame is one of the oldest known methods of building in the developed world and it still remains the most popular.

In recent years, because of its unique advantages, its popularity in the UK has grown significantly as it addresses many of today's environmental concerns and offers unique benefits to both builders and homeowners.

The advantages of timber frame include:

  • Sustainable building method with less embodied energy
  • More comfort for inhabitants
  • Reduced on site labour and build time
  • Factory controlled building method leading to more on site quality
  • Improved on site safety
  • Design flexibility

Timber frame products are evolving rapidly and Solutions Inspired Ltd is at the forefront of this evolution.

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