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Whatever style or material you choose our designers will create a orangerie that is not only practical but which is aesthetically stunning - one that complements the existing character of your home and adds a delightful new dimension to your lifestyle. We can supply and fit in either hardwood, UPVC or powder coated aluminium. All our orangeries are available in a range of various colours.

Rooms of distinction

Orangeries help bring the garden into your home all year round, no matter what the weather, our Orangeries are designed and built using the best quality materials available and to the highest standards. Let us offer you our knowledge, expertise and advice to achieve your perfect orangery.

Orangeries, a brief History

Orangeries were larger more ornate conservatories for keeping tender plant varieties. Orange trees were the main intended plant for propagation; this is where the name Orangeries and orangery originated. Soon after the use for Orange and lime trees the varieties of plants, shrubs and exotic plants that were housed became very extensive.

Mainly by the wealthy who could afford to travel and bring back samples of these plants and be able to pay for the upkeep of these delicate plants in the cold winters of England and northern Europe. This soon created a situation where Orangeries became symbols of status among the wealthy.

We have found that as early as 1545 orangeries were built in Italy. These first Orangeries were not as well thought out or as ornate as our modern versions, most had no heating and in the very cold nights and had to have open fires made up to keep them warm. The building of Orangeries became fashionable after the end of the eighty years war in 1648, the countries that started this trend were France Germany and the Netherlands, these were the countries that sore merchants start importing large numbers of orange trees, banana plants and pomegranates to cultivate for their beauty and scent.

The need to build these Orangeries came from two areas the need to house such delicate plants and the image status and Architectural influences more in keeping with modern design and todays use requirements.

Orangeries are now constructed for more and more people who wish for something more than an extension or a Conservatory and want all year round additional space to their homes which adds one of the most luxurious and beautiful rooms that are possible to be build today. Orangeries are among the most relaxing and luxurious additions to any house and are genuinely able to be used all year round in comfort.

Exemption from planning regulations.

For a conservatory/orangery to be exempt from building regulations, the most important factors are:

  • The conservatory must be less than 30m in floor area
  • The conservatory must be built at ground level
  • At least 50% of the walls and 75% of the roof must be a glazed or translucent material
  • The conservatory should be separated from the house by doors of external quality
  • Glazing and electrical installations should conform to current safety regulations

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