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Banish the chore of maintaining your soffits, bargeboards, gutters and downpipes by replacing them with UPVC long lasting, maintenance free roofline products.

We offer a totally maintenance free, cost effective solution for the replacement of timber fascias, soffits, Bargeboards and guttering that will improve and enhance the appearance of your property.

Why a new roofline?

  • Totally maintenance free
  • Does not rot, stain or discolour
  • Sensible prices
  • 10 Year product guarantee

Roofline refurbishment is an area where it is important to "fit and forget". We insist therefore that all old timbers are removed before the new UPVC roofline products are fitted. The practice of “Over-cladding” old rotten timber is a cheap and short-lived solution. Sealing over old timbers can cause damp timbers to sweat and rot faster, sometimes affecting previously healthy structural timbers.

Our roofline and cladding systems consist of premium quality heavy duty UPVC profiles, which replace old timbers entirely, leaving you worry-free to enjoy your smart looking new home.


We have a tremendous range of Rooftrim products to improve the look of your home and reduce essential maintenance.

Wood has traditionally been used to enhance a home's exterior. Fascias, bargeboards, soffits, and cladding - it's surprising how much timber there is on the outside of most houses. The trouble with this is that, along with your guttering and downpipes, it all needs regular maintenance to stave off the problems of rot, rust, mould and insects - let alone keeping it looking smart and clean.

That's why we've developed a range of long-lasting, low-maintenance UPVC Rooftrim products that all come with a 10-year guarantee.

Now you can dramatically transform your home exterior with our Rooftrim, safe in the knowledge that it'll keep its looks for many, many years to come and with the minimum of maintenance. This means no more sanding, painting or climbing wobbly ladders.

Fascias & soffits

Our fascia boards and interlocking soffits are just as strong as wood but without the hassle of constant maintenance.

Guttering & downpipes

Selecting our guttering solutions ensures that rainwater drains away efficiently and effectively.


Our UPVC bargeboards look like real wood and are fitted in the same way - using marine grade stainless steel pins.


Professionally installed cladding makes a good impression and adds beauty to a home's façade.

The choice is yours...

Solutions Inspired Ltd has a tremendous choice of UPVC Rooftrim products to improve your home and reduce maintenance. The Solutions Inspired Ltd Rooftrim range comprises virtually all of your home's exterior woodwork and metalwork - fascias, soffits, bargeboards, guttering and downpipes as well as cladding.

Fascias and soffits and even bargeboards are often made from lower quality softwood and provide a habitat for all sorts of unwanted wildlife. As for guttering and downpipes, if you have ageing cast iron, it is likely to be suffering from corrosion. Old plastic guttering may be getting brittle as a result of constant exposure to the elements.

We offer solutions to all of these problems with our durable and attractive range of Rooftrim products. Our cladding comes in an authentic tongue and groove profile that only needs an occasional wipe to keep it looking like new.

The latest technology

There's a lot of wood on the outside of many homes and it has to be regularly maintained otherwise you will very quickly be faced with the problems of rot and fungal decay and damage caused by insects.

Solutions Inspired Ltd has a solution for you that will completely eliminate the problems associated with external timber - for good. And that's our highly durable UPVC Rooftrim range. It will look great all year, every year, with the very minimum of maintenance.

At Solutions Inspired Ltd, with more than 20 years experience, we have earned our reputation by the quality of our work and our products. For instance, unlike other companies, we don't just hide the problem of old and tired Rooftrim by cloaking it. We eliminate it by completely; removing the old material, making good behind and then fitting new UPVC Rooftrim that will not rot, rust or need repainting ever again.

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