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Atmospheric Energy Panels - Work in all weathers

A revolutionary sustainable hot water system that works in the sun, rain, snow and even at night. Conventional solar heating systems circulate water through glass panels to collect heat from the sun. These systems generate less at low temperatures and do not work at all during hours of darkness.

The Atmospheric energy system is different. It is capable of taking energy from the atmosphere at temperatures as low as -15°C and it also works at night. Atmospheric energy panels do this by utilising a refrigerant gas and reverse refrigeration technology. They are capable of extracting sufficient warmth to heat a building to your temperature even on the coldest winter nights.

This unique Energy saving system is fully scalable from 1 – 2 panels for domestic hot water, to 4 – 24 panels for central heating right up to 40 panels for large volume hot water requirements. Note that additional panels simply mean faster water heating times, not higher water temperature which is set to between 55 and 60 C maximum. A typical domestic installation for domestic hot water will have a 250L cylinder with a single panel mounted on the roof.

The heat pump is integrated directly into the Energy cylinder so an existing hot water cylinder cannot be used in this configuration. For central heating and large volume hot water requirements the heat pump (Solar Block, in energy terms) is a stand-alone device. Energy cylinders are either stainless steel or enamelled steel and can come with an additional coil for connecting into a backup heat source if desired. Sizes range from 200L to 6,000L.

All Energy Thermo dynamic systems of this nature are registered on the Solar Key website ( European approved ) and as such recognized by MCS scheme.

The system uses 407A refrigerant and doesn't need topping up. The only maintenance may be the occasional replacement of the sacrificial anode in the cylinder should you live in an area with soft water.

Another point raised concerned the panel frosting over in winter. This is possibly best addressed from the experience of previous installations. A 300L single panel system fitted year, suffered some frosting in the very cold weather on the top surface of the panel, however the system always provided enough hot water. Estimate measurements taken from the energy system used an average of 3.6 KWh of electricity per day over the 8 months January to August for a 4-person household at a COP of just over 3.

Hundreds of Energy systems have been installed successfully throughout Ireland and the UK and having come through last winter well, being tested to the limit by the harsh Irish and UK climate proves this system works as comfortably in colder conditions than that of the sunnier climates of Europe.

This is the ultimate in hot water and heating systems on the market at present using dual technology, it's the next step in Carbon building.

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