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Carbon reduction commitment

Business Carbon Emissions

Qualified advisors from Solutions Inspired Ltd will discuss how the business and public sector have a vital role to play in the reduction of greenhouse gases. Your electrician will confirm that they generate approximately one third of the Carbon Dioxide emissions in the United Kingdom. Climate Change Agreements and other related European efforts are driving the reduction of CO2 in industries that use a lot of energy. To further reduce CO2 emissions sectors that use less energy are also being targeted at present. Our advisor can provide more details on the commitments required by business and how certain electrical installations can benefit your business.

Our advisor will provide information on the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), which should provide reductions in carbon emissions and save money for a variety of industries. The Energy White Paper which came out in May 2007 communicated this new government scheme. Local advisors will show how the Carbon Reduction Commitment aims to reduce carbon emissions by 1.2 million tonnes per year for large, low energy consuming organisations by 2020. The UK Climate Change Programme highlighted the requirement for an incentive scheme for emissions reduction and the evolution of business operations will involve a number of tasks that will require the services of an electrician.

Who is affected by the Carbon Reduction Commitment?

The Carbon Reduction Commitment is a mandatory emissions scheme, which will target emissions that are presently not included in any of the Climate Change Agreements as our advisor will confirm. The organisations discussed by our advisor that will be affected by the scheme include office-based corporations, large supermarket chains, hotel chains, government departments and local authority organisations. Our advisors are familiar with the requirements of these organisations and as such can provide solutions to meet their needs.

Our advisor will show the Carbon Reduction Commitment includes those organisations with electricity consumption that is greater than 6,000MWh/yr through half hourly meters. As our advisor will confirm this equates to an annual electricity bill of £500,000. The advisor will show that this will be inclusive of all energy such as electricity, gas, fuel and oil but will not include transport fuels.

In April 2010 at the introductory phase, our advisors will confirm all allowances will be sold at a fixed price. After April 2013, the allowances will be issued through auctions and there will be a diminishing number of credits available afterwards. Businesses could also buy EU ETS allowances so they can meet their emissions cap, which our advisor will discuss.

Carbon Reduction Performance

Our advisor will tell you how an annual summary league table is issued on company performance. Our local advisor will describe how this is mainly based on absolute carbon reductions and will show the best and worst performers for carbon emissions and reduction. To lessen the financial burden, as our advisor will confirm, any auction revenues made as a result of the initial sale of credits will be recycled back to the organisations. The government will make payments regarding the first year emissions, with a bonus or penalty on the basis of league table positions. Soltuions Inspired Ltd will support you in your carbon reduction commitment.

Carbon Reduction Commitment Benefits

With simplicity in mind, organisations will self certify the management of their own of emissions, which will be backed by an independent risk based audit regime and supported by our advisors. This encourages carbon management skills and in particular metering, reporting and reduction skills in the participating organisations. Our advisors will show that with this structure in place senior management will be more aware of the issues surrounding carbon reduction and there will be more internal knowledge of the scheme. The Carbon Reduction Commitment will increase pressure on energy providers to provide enhanced metering technology for energy consumption, which our advisors can support you with.

There are aggressive plans by the Government to install Smart Meters by electricians throughout the UK by 2020. Smart Meters will work in conjunction with a number of carbon reduction initiatives and our electricians have already began a process of installing them in a number of locations throughout the United Kingdom.

Carbon Reduction for commercial and residential customers is important to Solutions Inspired Ltd so we will support you in your carbon reduction commitments. Whether you require renewable technologies or simple energy saving suggestions our advisor can provide the right energy saving electrical installation for your requirements.

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