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Electric Storage Heaters

Storing Heating to Help You Save Money!

Solutions Inspired Ltd offer electric storage heater installations as they are considered as more energy efficient than oil filled radiators or electric bar heaters. Electric storage heaters use off-peak electricity as opposed to on-peak electricity, which means they can assist you in saving energy costs. As Our advisor will confirm off-peak electricity is supplied by your energy company at a lower price than on-peak electricity.

When the electric storage heater is installed by our electricians, it will take off-peak electricity (night time or low usage hours) and store it within the heater itself. Our advisor will confirm that the electric storage heater then lets the heat out into the room throughout the day. Electric storage heaters such as this are described as Economy 7, or Economy 10 and both can be installed by Solutions Inspired Ltd.

Solutions Inspired Ltd and their team of electricians and electrical contractors install energy efficient electric storage heaters that contain a thermostatic control. They have the capability to automatically gauge the temperature in a selected space or area and adjust the amount of energy that is stored in the heater as appropriate. Our advisor will explain that the room will not change in temperature in a dramatic way if the weather changed unexpectedly. As a result the space will be heated efficiently and you will save money!

Solutions Inspired Ltd install modern, slim-line storage heaters with an automatic charge control which can adjust the heat levels that are stored overnight. An automatic charge control will measure the temperature in the room and even outside the house to work better at saving energy inside the house. Other Energy Saving Electrical Installations are available too!

Storage heaters protect their heat by a form of radiation from the front panel of the unit and by convected heat in the form of warm air. Our electricians install energy saving storage heaters so people can use them as a background heat source, which can work in tandem with a supplementary heating source in winter. A fan heater would be the ideal solution for this situation.

"Wet" Electric Storage Heating Systems with Radiators

A second type of electric storage heating system installed by Solutions Inspired Ltd heats a large tank of water to approximately 85°C. It uses off-peak electricity to heat up the tank and as our advisor will confirm is very well insulated. The hot water is then pumped into the conventional wet central heating system to the radiators. The electrician will install a control package with a timer, room thermostat and TRV on the radiator which enables controllability. If the temperature in the tank falls below 60°C, the temperature can be increased back up to temperature using on-peak electricity.

These kinds of systems are typically installed by Solutions Inspired Ltd to replace solid fuel heating systems where homes are not connected to the mains gas grid. These systems do not need fuel storage tanks that are required by oil or LPG systems and are ideal for use in relatively small flats and apartment complexes. There are a number of electric storage heating systems that our electricians will install that are ideal for apartments as they have a small integrated unit. In remote areas of the country, other units are installed by our electricians with a larger heat store tank and a separate electric boiler unit.

Standard Assessment Procedure Rated

Our electricians install revolutionary products that are Standard Assessment Procedure Rated. Certain products we install use direct energy from the radiant element that is fixed to the front casing and are low wattage. These products that our electricians install also have energy retention cells that store energy by way of using inexpensive off peak tariffs. With two heat sources being utilised you can ensure optimum control and economic usage. When compared with traditional off peak heating systems this type of electric heating has an energy efficiency saving of up to 10%. This energy saving is recognised under the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP2005), which highlights the products compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. Our advisor will explain these regulations in relation to the energy efficiency of buildings.

These types of radiators can be installed by our electricians on their own or as part of a system with conventional panel heaters. To ensure maximum controllability there is a central programmer that can be installed to control the living areas.

Ecowarmth Storage Heaters

Ecowarmth Storage Heaters are a new technology for electrical storage heating installed by our electricians that is proven to provide even more energy saving. Recent studies suggest that Ecowarmth Radiators need less than 12 minutes of electricity per hour to produce 60 minutes of warmth. So 20% of the heat you need is what you pay for and the 80% is from stored heat, which is FREE.

Our advisor will attempt to provide you with the right heating solution to meet your requirements. The options and various combinations for heating your premises are broad; however our advisor can assist you in making the right decision for your property.

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