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Energy Saving - Reduce your energy bills and save money

The science is now clear that drastic cuts in carbon emissions are needed, as much as 80% by the year 2050, must be made. Solar energy, either thermal or photovoltaic, has become the fastest-growing alternative energy technology globally. It is popular because it provides individuals and corporations with the ability to make an individual effort towards reducing the effects of climate change and in doing so benefit from the financial savings that can be gained from these changes.

Green energy comes in lots of forms and as technology advances and the implementation costs of such technology has reduced to enable everyone to be able to afford such products.

The Government have also added incentives in the form of FITs (Feed In Tariffs) which is a tax free cash back scheme paid for up to 25 years.

These tariffs are available to everyone who installs carbon saving devices that fit with the Governments aims to reduce the carbon footprint.

There are a number of less costly installations that can also assist, but won't necessarily cost you thousands of pounds. LEDs are the latest high resolution bulbs available on the market that work using diodes or LED technology. This is a low cost replacement of existing high watt bulbs to low watt LEDs.

The cost of simply changing a light bulb can save you up to 90% of your current electricity bill when replacing with an equivalent LED bulb.

Other options to save money could be to simply swap your current energy suppliers.

Given the recent down turn in the economy the energy market has become a very competitive market. This has led to suppliers cutting costs daily to complete with one another. This is brilliant news for the users of these energies as it has allowed the users to look at the most competitive deals and with the assistance of Solutions Inspired Ltd we can assist with moving you more competitive suppliers and in some circumstances fix your energy fees for up to 2 years.

Please view our website carefully as you will without doubt find a product that will not only assist in reducing the Earths carbon footprint, but will assist you in saving money.

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