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Energy Saving Electric Heating

Our advisors can offer you a fully comprehensive range of energy efficient electric heating installations.

The fuel that is most compatible with renewable energy and sustainability is electricity. Our advisors will confirm the array of benefits that electricity has with regards to its compatibility with renewable energy and Energy Saving Electrical Installations. When powered by electricity from renewable sources energy efficient electric heating systems installed by our electricians can offer zero carbon emissions.

Energy saving legislation is helping to increase the uptake of energy saving electric heating systems installed by our electricians. The Building Regulations are continually revised to suit the ever increasing requirements of sustainability. The Planning Policy Statement 22 otherwise known as the ‘Merton Rule’, states that 10 per cent of any new building development’s energy must come from renewable energy sources. Architects, electricians and building designers are forced to consider energy efficient electric heating systems in combination with cost-effective low carbon heating systems. Click here for more information on Energy Saving Legislation.

Electric Heating That Incorporates Renewable Technology

The UK is following the rest of Europe and similar large market economies in heat pump technology. Not that many electricians have the capability to install these new energy efficient electrical products but Solutions Inspired Ltd has the experience through our qualified electricians. Heat Pumps draw heat from the air, ground or water, therefore the ambient environment that surrounds us. As our advisor will confirm the heat is compressed to run this energy saving electric heating system. When heat pumps were first installed by electricians in the UK they were more relevant for self-build projects or specific electrical installations.

Recently, the technology has been enhanced to make the solution more widely available for many different buildings. Air source heat pumps do not require extensive underground collectors to be installed by an electrician, which means they are now suitable for an installation in a new build or retro-fit application. Click here for more information on Air Source Heat Pumps.

The advantage of a heat pump installation by our electricians is that heat pumps can extract heat from the air to a low of minus 20°C. Their energy efficient performance is highlighted by the co-efficient of performance, which are generally around 3.4 to 4.0. Our advisor from Soltuions Inspired will explain that every 1kWh of electricity used to run the heat pumps compressor, there will be 3.4 – 4kWh of energy that is produced for use in the domestic or commercial location.

Our electricians may install solar thermal water heating systems as part of a sustainable installation. This system can be integrated within an existing installation by our electricians to provide approximately 60 per cent of a typical houses hot water requirement. Click here for more information on solar thermal water heating.

Controlling Electric Heating

The installation of an energy efficient electric heating system is a good idea, however our electricians will also discuss the controllability required to maximise energy efficiency. Our electricians will install electric panel heaters that have the electricity controlled by an electronic thermostat, which closely regulates the room temperatures. Certain electric radiator systems that our electricians install can achieve a high SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) score as a result of the smart heat management system. The electric panel heaters take heat from the environment to balance the off peak and peak performance, which means it uses less energy to operate.

Energy efficient panel heaters can be optimised by our electricians to offer energy saving capabilities by utilising the control options. Zone controllers that control the house system with twenty four hour digital timers and specific runback timers help the user of the space to heat when it is required. This is a key feature in avoiding energy waste, which our advisor will confirm with you.

Safe & Reliable

Energy efficient electric heating offers some strong advantages, these incorporate renewable technology. This form of electric heating can be controlled and is a safe electrical installation that will assist in reducing running costs and Co2 emissions. As the government continues regulations aimed at improving energy efficiency, electrical contractors such as Solutions Inspired Ltd will continue to adapt to provide new and innovative energy efficient installations.

Things to Consider

Some of you may think that running a heating system for every room in the home is the right option for you and our electricians can assist you with this type of installation. For residential homes, heating in all rooms is often very important but for those of us that only use certain rooms, there are disadvantages with this approach. Why do you need to control the heating in empty rooms, wasting valuable heat? Our electricians can install energy efficient options that will help you reduce energy costs. Such electrical installations may include specific heating options for each room. As our advisor will discuss with you in more detail you can have an energy efficient electric heater installed to suit each room in the house.

Here are some points on what our advisor will discuss with you about energy efficient electric heaters:

  • A Solutions Inspired Ltd advisor will provide the installation option of installing an energy efficient electric heater to be mounted on the skirting boards of your house. Installed in such a way it can be unobtrusive and there are a number of lengths available. An electric heater can be mounted by our electricians in such a way and is available in different lengths. Longer heaters offer the advantage of heating the room quicker and disperse the air more evenly to heat the room in a more efficient way.
  • Our electricians offer energy efficient electric heaters with a built in thermostat and automatic on/off function. With these 2 functions, your electrician will confirm how you can control the heaters operation time without any need for direct interaction. The advantage is you don’t have to remember to turn off the heater, it will turn off automatically which helps to prevent large energy bills and you are playing your part in protecting the environment.
  • Our electricians will offer electric heaters that circulate heat in an efficient way. In the vast majority of electric heaters they have a fan, which pushes air around the space. As your Solutions Inspired Ltd advisor will confirm the fan helps to heat the space much quicker.
  • The Solutions Inspired Ltd advisor will offer energy efficient electric heaters that have heat radiant liquid incumbent within the unit. The heat transferring liquid is in the unit for the purpose of retaining some of the energy, which the heater disperses. Our advisor will explain that the room continues to be heated even when the unit is switched off.

Solutions Inspired Ltd and their team of electricians support energy efficient electric heating as a real future option for Energy Saving Electrical Installations.

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