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Energy Saving Ventilation

Given the stringent Energy Saving Legislation now in place it is no surprise that there is now energy saving products available for ventilation. Such products can be installed by our team of electricians. The options available in this category of energy saving products are extensive and there are ventilation products that can be installed by electricians for both residential and commercial locations. Energy Saving Grants, Carbon Trust Loans and Enhanced Capital Allowance initiatives could all help you with the costs of installing energy saving ventilation.

Breathe Easier in Your Home

Our electricians install energy saving products in homes that are now under tight energy efficient regulations; however the regulations can restrict the intake of fresh air, which means that dust can be trapped and there is an increase in allergens. Considering that on average we spend 90% of our time indoors, breathing stale air in there is a requirement for ventilation that improves air quality.

There are several solutions available specifically for bringing fresh air into your home that also help you maintain energy efficiency. Ask our advisor whether an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) or Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) is the correct application for your home. Either of these ventilation techniques can bring fresh air into the residential premises in an energy saving and cost-efficient way. The application can be installed by an electrician to recover up to 80% of the heating and cooling energy. In terms of energy usage your electrician will confirm that it uses approximately the same amount of energy as a 100w light bulb.

Wall Mounted Energy Efficient Ventilation Units

Our advisor will also discuss other wall mounted ventilation units specifically designed to provide whole home ventilation. These units also assist in the elimination of condensation when correctly installed by our electrician. With energy efficient advantages, the ventilation unit introduces a near unnoticeable air supply throughout the home. When installed by one of our electricians it will transform a stagnant, stale environment into a pleasant environment free from condensation.

These ventilation units also benefit from quiet operation and enhanced heat distribution. Mould is eliminated and the units are of benefit to asthma sufferers. Our electricians can provide more advice on the operation of these units and the array of benefits on offer. They can work well in conjunction with other Energy Saving Electrical Installations.

Filter-less Twin Fan Mechanical Extractor Ventilation System

Our electricians are very experienced in the installation of the filter-less twin fan mechanical extractor ventilation (MEV) systems. This application provides major advancements in fan technology as our electrician will confirm and is an innovative way of gaining lifetime cost savings. Our electricians install these types of fans in multi-storey residential properties and similar commercial applications.

While these mechanical extractor ventilation (MEV) systems have a reliable low energy usage, they also reduce heat loss and related carbon emissions, when installed correctly by our electrician. They make very little noise and match the lifecycle of the building so they have a long lifespan. These ventilation units meet the current requirements of the building regulations and when they have been installed by our electricians they can be easily maintained.

Other Filter-less Fans Installed By Our Electricians

Other filter-less extractor fans are installed by our electricians and they also provide low maintenance, low life cycle costs in the long term and the best performance versus energy cost comparison.

The benefits of these fans are also very extensive and are designed for life. Our electricians may install them in a variety of applications and are often known as a one fan fits all. Given their environmentally friendly functions they are a suitable installation by one of our electricians. Our electrician will install these vents with energy usage that is 80% more efficient than a conventional fan.

Our electricians install these fans through the wall and also in complex ducting based systems. Given the stringent building regulations these fans go further to encompass maximum efficiency advantages. As building regulations will no doubt change in the future these ventilation units are set to meet any potential changes.

If our electrician installs an extractor fan that is designed to last the entire life of a building, there is a lot less waste at landfill sites throughout the country. There will be less maintenance and emergency call outs from our electricians due to the efficient and effective manufacture of these products.

Energy Saving Duct Mounted In-Line Mixed Flow Extractor Fans

Our electricians install highly efficient, low power consumption extractor fans with a brushless motor which are specially designed for an electronic control system.

With compact dimensions these units are ideal for our electricians to install in tight spaces. They are slim in design and powerful as well, in fact the diameter of the unit is only slightly bigger than the ventilation duct. The product is IPX4 protected from exposure to water in all directions, making it ideal for an electrical installation by our electricians in humid and wet locations.

The two speed operation offers an eco-friendly mode and can be easily disassembled for recycling in compliance with the waste electrical and electronic equipment regulations (WEEE). Our electricians will show you the speed adjustment capabilities and the optional controllers that are available. The energy efficient capabilities of these units are increased with the advanced functionality. Our advisor will highlight the optional sensor units available with these units that monitor humidity and detect a variety of environmental aspects such as people, temperatures, pollution and a measurement of air quality.

The extractor fans have overload protection and come equipped with a thermal cut-out switch, when correctly installed by one of our electricians. As with any electrical installation by Solutions Inspired Ltd we only supply quality assured products and these units have the CE Mark, the low voltage directive (LVD) and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC). Our advisor will provide more details on these directives if required and other Energy Saving Legislation.

Energy Saving Centrifugal Extractor Fans For Ducted Electrical Installations

These centrifugal extractor fans can be installed by our electricians on walls or they maybe ceiling mounted and may or may not have a timer. These units also have a brushless motor and a specifically designed management system, which makes the fan an ideal electrical installation for energy saving opportunities.

Our electricians would typically install these ventilation units in commercial premises and also bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets in residential premises. Fans that are surface mounted can be installed by our electricians as well as recessed versions. For instance when the unit is turned off the back draught shutter avoids air back-flow, when correctly installed by our electricians. The timer models provide extra benefits with the adjustable operation times and therefore energy efficiency is optimised.

The centrifugal extractor fans have a high extraction to counteract pressure loss when long ducting is used. Our advisor will confirm the reduced sound levels combined with the superior performance of the ducted device. Not only are the centrifugal extractor fans energy efficient they are made from recyclable materials and follow the waste electrical and electronic equipment regulations (WEEE).

Energy Saving Ventilation and Lighting in One

Our advisor will offer options to our customers that incorporate an energy saving extractor fan and light installation all in one. The Vent-A-Light fan is one such example that we install and includes:

  • Axial in-line fan (100mm)
  • Flexible ducting (3m)
  • Exterior Grille
  • Transformer for the light
  • Dichroic halogen light (12V 20W)

Given that this option is ideal for bathroom electrical installations, they are IP44 rated. Our advisor will offer you kits in a variety of different finishes to suit the design of your property. The fan and light kit is suitable for wet area applications such as shower enclosures and general bathroom installations. The obvious feature is the simultaneous fan and light operation and in particular the energy efficiency of the lighting used which is a key benefit our advisor will talk over with you.

Roof Fan Installations with Low Watt

For commercial applications specific roof fans are a good energy saving option that our electricians install. They can provide a longer life, low maintenance and an array of energy saving opportunities for a number of commercial and industrial businesses. While the energy saving advantages will be highlighted by our electrician it is important to note that there are units available that are made from tough recyclable material, which are ideal for harsh external conditions.

Although the specific design features of the fan maybe more important to the customer than the cost and carbon savings, the unit has a slanted diagonal discharge pattern, which helps in its energy saving operation.

As our electricians will confirm the extractor fan units eliminate the requirement of a costly transformer and as a result of the specific design, it runs cooler, which prolongs the lifespan of the integral bearings and motor lubricants.

The motors incumbent within the units are approximately 80% efficient in converting energy into rotation. Our advisors will confirm large energy savings of approximately 40-60% compared with conventional fan options.

This is just a sample of the ventilation services that we provide through our network of qualified electricians. As with many of the electrical installations we provide, they are often customised to suit your specific requirements, so request an energy saving installation by one of our qualified electricians located throughout the North East of England to find out more.

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