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LED Lights - Why change to LED?

LED lamps use less energy than almost any other type of lamp. They enjoy a much longer life than incandescent lights and typically will last longer than most gas discharge lamps.

LED technology is new and improving all of the time. Driven by the investment that lighting giants such as Phillips have made in the technology.

Because the light production mechanism is markedly different from conventional lamps, to get the best from an LED lighting installation may require a full refit, rather than a simple and relatively cheap conversion.

The beam angle of an LED lamp is typically much narrower than for a gas discharge or incandescent lamp. So for broad area lighting, you may require many more LED units to provide the same light level. Whilst the LED units are energy efficient, they are still relatively expensive, which can make an LED installation expensive.

Nonetheless, LED lamps are becoming an increasingly cost effective and energy efficient lighting solution.