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Loft Insulation - Save Money and Energy

Save energy & money with Loft Insulation.w ith energy prices continuing to rise, and showing few signs of slowing, now is the time to claim a Loft Insulation Grant and make big savings on your energy bills.

Insulation Grants Are Running Out.

  • The Green Deal will replace Grants in Autumn 2012.
  • Installation costs will be paid through Green Deal loans.
  • Loans will be repaid through energy bill savings.
  • Non-repayable Insulation Grants are still available now.
  • Claim a free Grant today before they run out.

Having your loft fully insulated could save you up to £175 per year on your heating bills. The current Loft Insulation Grants scheme can also be used to top up Loft Insulation in your home, which can save you up to £45 per year.

Without Loft Insulation, up to 25% of the heat in your home escapes through your roof. You can prevent this heat loss now with a Grant to cover all or most of the installation cost.

All private households qualify for a Grant

If you are aged 70 or above, or in receipt of certain benefits, you can claim a free non-repayable Government-backed Grant to cover the full cost of having Loft Insulation professionally installed.Even if you don’t qualify for Free Insulation, you can still claim a Grant of up to 70% off the cost. Read more about Insulation Grants.

Insulation Grants will not last forever; the current Grants scheme is scheduled to end on 31st December 2012 but it is likely that applications will need to be submitted several weeks earlier.

What is Loft Insulation?

The Loft Insulation available on this Grant scheme is made from mineral wool (glass fibre) and is rolled out on the floor of the loft, in between and then across the joists. Home Insulation traps the rising heat in your home like a blanket. It also has a cooling effect in the warmer months by preventing heat coming through the roof. The recommended depth for Loft Insulation is 270mm or 11 inches. If your loft is insulated but hasn’t been topped up in the last 15 years, it will most likely benefit from having more Insulation installed.Loft Insulation Grants also cover the cost of lagging any pipework, insulating and draught proofing the hatch and fitting a walk-board if there is a water tank situated more than 1m away from the hatch.

Loft Insulation Grants Are For:

  • Private, domestic UK properties.
  • Mineral wool/glass fibre blankets.
  • Rolled out on the floor of the loft.
  • Installed or topped up to 270mm/11".
  • Fitted by approved local installers.
  • Most homes with under 4" of existing insulation can be topped up.

Is my property suitable for Loft Insulation?

It is estimated that 42% of UK households with a traditional loft can still benefit from Loft Insulation. To receive a Loft Insulation Grant, you must have less than 100mm/4" already installed for a partial Grant and less than 60mm/2.5" for a free Grant. The other main points to consider are that the Loft Insulation will be installed on the floor of the loft, so it must not be boarded or have any stored items. The loft must also be easy to get into and have enough headroom for installers to work.

You will NOT be able to have Loft Insulation installed if:

  • Too much Insulation is already fitted. Most homes with under 100mm/4" should qualify.
  • You intend to install Loft Insulation yourself. Our Grants do not cover DIY projects.
  • There is no access, or the hatch is too small. Hatch size should be 16"/400mm square.
  • There is less than 4 feet/1.2m of headroom from the joists to the peak of the roof.
  • There are a large amount of stored items and you are not prepared to clear them.
  • The loft is boarded and you are not prepared to lift the boards. 20% boarding is allowed.
  • There is any damp present. Any damp problems must be cured and dried before applying.
  • You would like sloping roof (under the tiles), flat roof or under-floor Insulation.
  • You require a special type of Loft Insulation, such as sheep's wool.

Possible savings when fitting Loft Insualtion

Loft Insulation can prevent up to 25% of the heat in your home from escaping. This can save you up to £175 per year on your heating bills. Topping up a loft that already has Insulation can save you up to £45 per year.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions are also reduced by up to 800kg, thereby helping to protect the environment from global warming: