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Micro Combined Heat and Power

What is Microgeneration? - Microgeneration is the generation of electricity and/or heat by individual domestic properties, small commercial operations and communities for the provision of their own electricity and/or heat requirements. The technology used in Microgeneration includes a range of certified products that fall within the Low Carbon Building Programme directive from the Government. Microgeneration technologies which our electricians install include:

  • Photovoltaic Solar Power
  • Solar Thermal
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Small Scale Hydro Electric

Microgeneration Technologies are part of the growth in new types of Energy Saving Electrical Installations including Smart Meters and Micro Combined Heat & Power (MCHP). The growth is also due to the variety of Energy Saving Legislation in place and the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

You can receive assistance with the installation cost of Microgeneration Technologies through the following:

  • Energy Saving Grants
  • Carbon Trust Loans
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance

Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

Given that Microgeneration technology is a new development the Government have implemented measures to ensure consistency across the market. As a result the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) has been set up to certify the relevant micro generation products and installers including electricians. The MCS Scheme assesses the micro generation products and installers, including electricians with strict guidelines to provide superior consumer protection. Our electricians can install Microgeneration certified products, request an energy saving installation.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme at present is the only certification of its kind that covers all the micro generation products and services. The Department of Energy and Climate Change and relevant stakeholders groups, such as electricians are all behind the MCS Scheme. Microgeneration is considered as the best present and future contributor for sustainability and for cutting our countries dependency on fossil fuels. Our advisors will confirm the installation options available for Microgeneration and for the overall reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Homeowners and Commercial Owners

For homeowners or commercial business owners, there are a range of micro generation technologies to suit your requirements. Our advisors will provide more information on the grant schemes available and any planning considerations for you to consider.

Microgeneration Certified Solutions Inspired Ltd Electricians

We have Microgeneration certified electricians located across the North East of England. For more information on energy saving electrical installation services from our network of qualified electricians contact us today or click here to request an energy saving installation.

For more information on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme visit

Micro Combined Heat & Power Definition?

Our electricians install Micro Combined Heat and Power (MCHP) solutions. MCHP is the single process of generating concurrent heat and power for residential and smaller commercial installations. MCHP provides environmental, economic, and social and energy security advantages due to the highly efficient process of utilising fossil fuels and renewable technology. MCHP can provide a substantial contribution to the UK sustainable development energy objectives and works in conjunction with Microgeneration Technologies and also the new Smart Meter project being driven by the government and energy companies.

Micro combined heat and power is an addition to the more widely installed products under the sector of cogeneration, and is applicable to installations by our electricians in single/multi family properties or small commercial operations.

Micro-CHP systems installed by our electricians should generate more electricity than the actual demanded quantity. See other Energy Saving Electrical Installations provided by our electricians.

MCHP Net Metering

MCHP system installations by our electricians achieve a number of cost savings, which are of distinct advantage to the consumer. Their underlying principle of generate electricity and sell back to the grid (net metering) provides the savings that encourage consumers to proceed. The home generated power that exceeds the immediate home requirements is sold back to the utility company.

The system operates efficiently as the excess energy is distributed and utilised immediately across the electrical grid. The losses that can occur are mainly in the transmission from the power source to the consumer, as your electrician will confirm. Generally the losses will be less than those incurred by storing energy locally or generating electrical power at levels lower than the peak efficiency of the MCHP system. Net metering from a technical stand point is a very efficient option.

Net metering provides more benefits as our advisors can configure it with your electrical meter. This will be able to record the electrical power that exits as well as enters the domestic or commercial property. The net amount of power that enters the property will be recorded to accurately represent what is owed to the consumer. See more information on the new Smart Meter project.

What are the benefits of MCHP?

MCHP installations by our electricians provide economic and environmental benefits to a variety of stakeholders including the user, the electrical grid and the community itself.

MCHP provides high efficiency and therefore a reduction in the use of primary energy sources. Certain fuels are utilised in a more effective way with an MCHP installation by electricians, which means less resources are used. Lower fuel consumption provides considerably lower costs for the provision of energy to the consumer. The exact savings, which your electrician will confirm can be anything from 15% to 40% in comparison to more conventional options.

Lower carbon dioxide emissions are a direct result of this type of installation by our electricians. The lower quantity of fuel that is burnt provides reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and other combustion related emissions. As the number of MCHP installations by electricians increase it will become a large contributor in the reduction of emissions.

Improved security and power quality is an integral part of MCHP systems installed by Solutions Inspired Ltd electricians. The design of the MCHP system can be implemented in such a way so as to serve essential electricity requirements during a power cut or similar interruption. This provides security to the user by ensuring the continual operation of electrical items within a house or small commercial premises. The quality of power provided by an MCHP system is superior to that received from the grid. For applications such as computer data centres, these systems provide the level of security required to ensure operational efficiency.

Reinforcement of The Electrical Grid can be an advantage if an MCHP unit is installed within the electricity grid to help bolster the strength of the network. For certain commercial applications, especially those that require a substantial amount of energy, or with 24/7 operations, combined heat and power can be a useful addition. Leisure centres, hotels, hospitals and the like are installations that our electricians have provided services for previously. Commercial CHP systems that our electricians install, can supply cooling for air conditioning systems in conjunction with heating applications. This type of installation by our electrician is a ‘trigeneration’ system.

What is the Government’s Combined Heat & Power target?

There are significant carbon reduction opportunities with Combined Heat and Power, and there have been significant developments in the UK since the first Earth Summit negotiations in 1992. Following the Government’s Climate Change Programme the objectives and targets have since changed to become more extensive.

The current UK Governments target of 10,000 MW by 2010, is a major part of the revised Climate Change Programme, and is one that impact on electrical contracting and companies like Solutions Inspired Ltd.

Our advisors can provide further details on the Micro Combined Heat & Power options that are suitable to your domestic property or light commercial application. Contact us for more information directly by clicking here.