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Feed in tariffs - What should I do to get started?

If you would like to proceed straight to an assessment of your property to find out how you could individually benefit and which systems you should consider installing, then contact online Solutions Inspired Ltd.

The Solutions Inspired Ltd service:

We select, design, install and manage renewable energy systems in any property enabling our customers to make money from the new renewable energy tariffs:


We help you understand what renewable options are best for you so that you can take maximum advantage of the tariffs.


We survey your property and manage all the design work to guarantee the highest quality of workmanship. We will also provide advice on how to manage any planning considerations(most systems are covered by permitted development rights)


We install all types of eligible renewable energy systems and ensure that you are connected and set up to claim the tariffs


We maintain the system to optimise its earnings and collect the tariff on your behalf, sending you a quarterly payment in return finance

In addition, we have partners that help finance your renewable energy system so you avoid a lot of the upfront expense, using the tariff payments to repay the funding

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