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Feed in Tariffs (FITS) - Selling your excess green electricity

Solar PV (electric) 15.44p /kWh fixed for 20 years

Wind (1.5 - 15kw electric Turbine ) 28p/kWh

Wind (15 - 100kw electric Turbine ) 25.3p/kWh

Wind (100 - 500kw electric Turbine ) 19.7p/kWh

Wind (500 - 1500kw electric Turbine ) 9.9p/kWh

This payment is just for generating the electricity on site from renewable sources, if the electricity is consumed on site, for instance by a heat pump then this is effectively free to you.

If however if you generate surplus electricity it can be sold back to the grid for between 4.5p/kWh.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for Onsite Heat Generation

Ground Source Heat Pumps 7p/kWh fixed for 23 years

Air Source Heat Pump 7.5p/kWh fixed for 18 years

Solar Thermal 18p/kWh fixed for 20 years

What Do the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Figures Mean?

It means that for heat pump installation, every kilowatt-hour of heat your property requires you will receive either 7p to 7.5p. For an average 3 bedroom semi using a heat pump this could mean around £1000 per year and for a detached 5 bed house around £2000 per year. This is a significant subsidy which will make the return on investment period even shorter when installing renewable technologies.

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